The Magic of Christmas - registration is open!

I'm so excited that registration is here! The Magic of Christmas, hosted by Terri Brush, runs Nov. 1 - Nov. 8 (2 projects per day). However, videos will be available on the site until May, just to clarify. 

16 projects by 8 artists for the low price of $49.99. You really can't beat that price. I haven't seen all the projects, but I know they will be great and I really hope you love mine as much as I do. 

A little housekeeping to keep everything straight: 

1) You must establish a free account in the Academy at This is where the event will be hosted, and the only way for them to view each project.
2) On October 15th, we will begin sending invitations to join the event, in the Academy, to the email address associated with their payment. (Students will not be added to the event, prior to October 15th.)
3) The only features available to students on October 15th will be the supply lists as our event begins on November 1st. On November 1st, at approximately 12am CST 2 projects with instructions will be posted/made live. We will continue posting 2 projects each day, through November 8th.

I will be teaching 2 projects. Project one is called Misfit Snowmen and I will show you how to make these cute little snowmen characters. And we will be soldering little boxes for project 2, which I call Heritage Ornaments. Hope you will join in on the fun!

When you are ready, click on the buy now to register!

The Magic of Christmas

I'm excited to announce that I will be joining some fabulous artists (8 of us total!) over at Terri Brush Academy to teach 2 online holiday projects.  You can check out the details here. Registration begins Oct. 15th. The event is a steal at $49.99 for all 16 projects and you have til May to access the videos. You have to join the Academy first (free to join) to have access to the workshops. 

I will be teaching two projects. One is a soldering project called, "Heritage Ornaments" in which we will solder a small box to house an item of your choice. I will walk you through soldering and offer suggestions of things to put inside your ornament.

The other project is using clay and we will creating fun and funky little "Misfit Snowmen".  I love making these fun little guys. They make great little gifts to wrap up and give to teacher, friends or for that unexpected gift you need in a hurry. 

hope you can join in the fun!

I'll show you mine.......

So my Aussie traveling partner in crime, Seth, (Seth-o!), is doing a blog post party today encouraging bloggers to show off pictures off their "real time" worktables. While the magazines that show off studios are quite beautiful, they seem quite  "pristine" without a hair out of my place. I know others looked at the magazines and wish for such beautiful studios. But while beautiful, it is unrealistic to portray normal, average working studios as that pristine. While I would certainly love  for my studio to be showcased in such a magazine, I'm pretty certain, I would have to do a lot of tidying up and removing a lot of my "beloved clutter"; which doesn't really make it my studio then!

Anyway, hop over to Seth's blog to see the lists of participants and pictures of their "working studios". Here are my pics (but keep in mind that I gave it a good cleaning before leaving for Australia and haven't had whole lot of time since returning to aptly mess it back up!

 this was early this morning


this was later in the evening after working all day on a few projects (please note THE BEER). Not sure I've seen that in a studio mag before!) So this is the table where I paint. I do tend to keep it pretty clean as I like a lot of free space on my table while painting. It's easy to keep pretty tidy by keeping my paints to the side in the wheeled caddy and my paint brushes in containers behind me. 


This is my jewelry workstation. It is always a mess for some reason. Maybe because there are so many small components needed. I'll deal with this later.........


and this is the table where my projects go into que while waiting to be finished. I do a lot of things in stages or run out of time and then they are in "que" til I get back to them or figure out how the heck I want to finish them up. It always looks cluttered. 

Pretty much I keep the floor of my studio quite tidy. For some reason a dirty floor drives me insane, so I do sweep it alot, get papers off the floor, etc.

here's an updated picture as the studio gets messier and messier (note tucker hanging out!)

Whoa, where have I been?

I'll admit it, I've lost my desire to blog. It seems like so many steps in comparison to just updating my status on facebook with photos, art or clever musings (or so I think anyway.....). But after spending a month in Australia with fellow blogger, Seth Apter (nicknamed, Setho), of The Altered Page, I've decided to give it a go again.

However, my first attempt just ended up erased and I just realized that I have no photos on my computer yet, relating to my recent trip. Well darn, no wonder I tend to give up so easily. So be sure and click on the link for Seth's blog, because he's got a lot of great pictures from our Australia trip up already!

Seth, Michael and Andrea DeMeng and I participated in the Australia Roadshow for Art -is- You. In case you aren't aware, AIY, is an art retreat that I have been teaching with for many years (2015 is their 10 year anniversary)! After Sallianne (she and Ellen run AIY) moved back to Australia, it was her dream to bring out some of her United States and Canada instructors and spend time in various locations teaching our Australian friends. It was my first time there, so it was quite the adventure.

We rented a huge van that we nicknamed, "Walting Ma-til-duh" (was suppose to be Waltzing, but Michael misspelled it). It was packed to the hilt with luggage full of art supplies, boxes full of art supplies, containers full of art supplies and a few bottles of wine (heehee). Along the way, we picked up 2 other roadies, Lovely Linda and Miss Jeno-o. The rule was whoever sat in front was on lookout for Kangaroos or Koalas. We'd all scream when we saw some kangas, but sadly never saw a koala in the wild; apparently this is because they have become quite endangered :( But right before coming home, I did take a tour to a animal refuge where I did get to spend some time with the endearing koalas and the ever charming, wallaby's.

We spent a lot of time in that van driving all over Australia, through the bush, to the Sunshine Coast, over to Melbourne (St. Kilda) and a darling place called Rafferty's Resort  in Mercure, 2 hours outside of Sydney.We spent our time in the van listening to music (cd's like Queen, soundtrack to Priscilla, Queen of the desert, Abba (of course) and others. We had many a sing along with Michael making goofy voices (like Donald Duck) to sing versus. We laughed alot. We also played a phone game where you pick a category, put the phone on your forehead and others give you a clue and you try and guess. That was hilarious. Quite possibly the worst player ever would be miss Jen-o. She sure came up with some great answers (that were no where close, haha). The big thrill would be to see who got a prezzie everytime Sallianne had to gas up. I think Michael got bath bubbles in the form of some macho plastic dude, Andrea got flipflops, don't remember what Seth got and I got a fishing lure (hey, you might see it in a piece of my art.....)

It was a lot colder there than I expected, even though it was winter (I just sort of thought, "it's Australia, how cold could it be?) However, it was a bit damp and overcast and they don't heat buildings like we do - so yes, it was a tad chilly at times (and I had only packed a light sweater, duh). Lucky I threw in some fingerless gloves and had bought a knit hat at the LAX airport due to  Aussie fb friends telling us "how cold it was". But other times, although chilly, the sun shone bright and beautiful. Some where on the drive we even encountered a bit of snow.

Think i'll have to go over to my facebook page and hijack some photos for this post. be right back. ok, got a bunch of awesome pictures to show ya. these ought to keep you busy for a bit. We made a few stops at some of "Australia's Big Icons", like "dog on the tuckerbox", "the big banana" and "large Ram". They were quite amusing and we even bought a map of the icons to start checking them off.

Setho also has a second  blog post up about the van ride. read it here

Treasure Hunt for Artful Gathering

I'm really excited about my newest online summer class with Artful Gathering (session one). I will be teaching a variety of fun techniques that can be applied to many different fabric projects. Some of the techniques I cover are: working with TAP paper, using RIT dye, painting for fabric projects, using thermofax screens and more. The class projects include making a doll, sewing and designing on an apron (premade) and making a fabric wall hanging using techniques I show on designing fabric collages. 

For those of you who have a sewing machine, but have no clue on how to use it; no worries! I will cover that too. Although you will still need to read through your manual, I demonstrate the basics of threading a machine, winding a bobbin, dusting and changing out your needle.  This class is not about following patterns, it's freestyle sewing with very few rules, except those that are dictated by your sewing machine!

I hope you will join me in June for this fun class! For more information, please go to You will need to register first, so read through the page and follow the link.

Nellie needs our help

would you please consider helping Nellie out? She's just been diagnosed with bone cancer and needs to have her leg amputated. She's a sweet pup. If we all pitch in  just a little we can all aid in support to move past this stage of her medical diagnosis. thank you and remember that any little bit helps. xoxo

teaching in the UK, Oct. 2014

2014 is a big year for me. I am turning 50 years old (really, how did that happened?) and all of a sudden I will be going to Memphis, New Orleans, Italy, Australia, Scotland and England all within a few months. (can you say whirlwind of FUN!) 

I am busy prepping to teach early spring and film online summer classes at the same time, but also have to move ahead to the fall and prepare for that as well. Can you say bug eyed?

I heading to Scotland to take a painting class (fun!). Afterwards I will fly to the UK and stay with friend, Dawn Gold, who is hosting me, while I teach 2 soldering classes. This way I can earn a little money and finally see London! Very exciting. A wonderful way to invite age 50 into my life!

Classes in the UK are going to be Nov. 1 and 2,  in Wrothham. Classes tentatively to be held at The Bull Hotel, in Wrothham.  There are 2 soldering classes. You can take one class or both. Class time is from 10-5 daily. Lunch not included. 

For the weekend, we will be focused on learning how to solder glass. So we will go through many steps to get there, such as foiling, designing your art pieces and then soldering. I have 2 special classes planned. For the first class, we will be learning how to solder smaller glass pieces to turn into wearable art, such as charms or pendants. For the second class, we will work on larger pieces of glass to create what I've come to call, my soldered muse; learning how to link larger pieces of glass together. So Day one teaches you the basics and then Day two begins to expand past beginner soldering. Dawn will be helping me with the supplies, since my USA iron will not work there. 

It is helpful to think about what you what your charms or soldered muse to reflect, so I'm going to post MANY pictures of previous soldered work to give you examples that may inspire your own ideas. You can go with a theme, such as "religious" or "family" or "pets" or "vintage" or "art work:  or "circus", etc. It really depends on what is important to you.

the nitty gritty: 

You are welcome to take one or both days. One day is $150 plus $20 supply fee OR take both days for $245 which includes your additional supply fee. Please understand that THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ONCE YOU SIGN UP. Since I am traveling from the states, I'm sure you understand the investment I am making to come and teach. My classes are quite fun and I am sure you will find  that  spending time in this creative environment will be a wonderful and  fulfilling time spent on yourself, learning and creating with equally like minded women. (please also note that prior experience not necessary. This is a time to learn and enjoy). If it is one thing I have learned, is to grab the moment when available and "go for it". 

I will also be bringing "unique" flea market goodies to sell during class. These will be things that I find locally that I enjoy using in my work, but at the same time, other women, who do not have access to such yumminess, would love to be able to buy for their artwork. My flea market will start at 9:00am before each class (to be finished by 10 for class start). 

please feel free to email me at  with any questions. If you would like to sign up, I just need you to email me your paypal address and I will send you an invoice (to be paid in dollars). I also suggest if you have emailed me and not heard back from me, to check your spam folder. My email commonly goes into spam folders. 


day one: basic soldering project $150.00
day two: Soldered muse $150.00
OR both days: $245

playing with Jill K Berry's new "TEXTures2" stencils

My artist friend, Jill K. Berry sent me some of her new  TEXTures 2 stencils to play with and I've been having a lot of fun with them. There are (4) different 6x6 stencils in the pack designed by Jill in a collaboration with Artistcellar

Their official name (should you decide to look for them) is "Artistcellar Signature Series Stencils by Jill K Berry and each stencil has its own name which I thought was cool. They are: Picasso, Bird, Gera and Miro. 

I was playing with the stencils in my painting and then in some of my clay sculptures (after the clay had dried and I began painting). The name TEXTures are perfect for them, because I wanted to add texture and dimension into my art and they were perfect for just that! You can do so  much with stencils and if it was warm enough, I'd be outside with them using them with my spray paints.  I also decided to use little sections of one of the stencils to create eyes for my characters which gave them so much more persoality and I'm so happy I decided to do that! I also plan on using some wood icing along with the stencils (just as soon as my order arrives!)

This is one of my clay sculptures that I used one of the stencils on. The size, 6x6 was perfect for this since my sculpture isn't big, so it was easy to put the stencil on and create more texture into my work. 

Jill is generously giving away a set of her new stencils to one of my readers. So just leave a comment on this post and then I will pick a winner after the blog hop is over.

Last chance to take our soldered glass house class in person!

I am so excited to announce that in February, when we are mid winter and going stir crazy out of our minds, that Jane and I will be teaching our soldered glass house workshop, "Home is where the HeArt is" in picturesque, New Hope, PA. Our hostess is the lovely, Cara Vaughn, who is so generously offering us this opportunity to create in her unique and truly lovely environment. This will be the last time we teach the class "in person" before it gets sent over to its new host site.

The workshop is 2.5 days. We will begin Friday evening on February 7th, from 5:00-8:00. Then we will meet again on Sat the 8th and Sun the 9th from 10:00-5:00. You do not need prior experience in soldering, as we will help you through every stage of the house. 

The workshop is $250.00 for 2.5 days. You will have 2 experienced soldering instructors for the price of 1! There will also be a supply list for the class that will be emailed after registration. Kecia will have (5) soldering stations (iron and rheostat) to rent out, first come first serve, for $20 each. We will be creating a faux mercury glass house that we solder and infuse with a story based on photos or themes that reflects what "Home is where the heART is" means to each and every one of us. 

please note, students will need soldering equipment and glass to build their house. You can email me for specifics ( on what supplies you will need. 


Please purchase class at the bottom of this post


*Please note, NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason and no monies can be applied towards any other item. 

In addition, we have strived to create a weekend of creativity and camaraderie, so with Cara's help (since she knows the local layout, we have also orchestrated the weekend for optionally participating in after hour dining activities and where to stay locally for full flavor of Bucks County). 

A la carte menu:

Friday night we would have a catered meal at Cara's house - price pending

Sat Night I thought we would have dinner at 

will do a prefix menu with a few choices.

Sunday morning muffins and coffee at Cara's  place.


Cara is suggesting a local inn (her friend owns it!) for lodging: 

**for questions about lodging please email Cara at:

for questions about the class, please email me at:

Also, I asked Cara for some insight into her studio and where will be creating. I'm so looking forward to seeing this for myself and I hope that you will coming along as well!

"My studio/classroom is on the first floor of a refurbished barn that was built in 1860 as a dairy barn. The barn was used as storage in the 1950's for what was then known as Flower show farm, it was owned by the president of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. In the 1970's the land was subdivided and the barn's transformation into a home began. A new owner completed the rehab in the 1990's and we bought it 8 years ago and have made some more renovations, it is an ongoing piece of art.

The studio is space is large and open with table space for 3 at table, great lighting, a small kitchen and it's own bathroom. 
The studio handicap accessible and parking is right outside the door for easy transport of materials.

The barn is on 4 acres in beautiful, scenic Bucks county, Pa.
There are two stocked ponds on the property and we raise chicken and sheep."


You can purchase the class here:

dog shaming at its best!

You've heard of dog shaming? It's where you take cute pics of your fur baby feeling contrite about some "alleged" offensive act, lol. I've submitted them. Kashie peeing on my suitcase. Sophie pooping in my studio and me tracking it all around (arg!). but here is the ultimate! For the last few days, Gracie has had UNBEARABLE gas. I mean , it's horrible. It was so bad that at one point I thought I would throw up and seriously my eyeballs welled up and teared.

So tonight in my studio, she gases me again and i start BITCHING! I  say to my husband, what the hell is going on? We start narrowing down things that she could be eating outside and then he suddenly looks contrite and says, "oh, i know what it is". He's been adding some "extra" treats (human goodies) to her meal. So of course I go ballistic! I tell him, YOU ARE SO DOG SHAMED!  and it's not Gracie's fault. He agreed, (good sport!)

the sign says " I fed my dog "human" food making her EXTREMELY flatuence and diaper worthy. It was so bad that our eyes teared up and hurling was involved.

dramatic blog post!

I tend to shy away from drama, don't like it, find it a wasteful time of energy. However, with that said, since I haven't blogged since late Aug, what a better way for a comeback but with DRAMA!

I've just returned from teaching in Stamford, CT at Art-is-You and was unpacking the car, putting things away, cleaning house, doing laundry, tending to tucker, pups and kitties (and birdie!) and prepping for my husband to leave over the weekend for a friends get-a-away.

It was early morning, 7:30ish, and I'm cranky cuz there's no half and half for the coffee, so jeff runs out to the store for more (hey, he drained the last drop, not me). I was getting tucker ready for school. Jeff came back in and i noticed my kitty wanted to go outside on the porch. But the porch was covered with wet leaves and kind of icky, so i told Lilly (kitty) that I would sweep it clean so she could lay out there as she loved to do. So I was sweeping when BAM, a yellow jacket stung me on my ankle.

So you have to now that about a month ago, a yellow jacket stung me on my chest while I WAS SWEEPING THE SAME PORCH (hint, i know now there must be a hive there somewhere in the ivy) and I had a very bad reaction to the sting. My neighbor who is a doctor, we were texting back and forth and after things settled down, insisted I see an allergist. So I did, last week. Got an epi pen and then yesterday on said DRAMATIC day, was to go in for my testing levels to the toxins.

So after this sting, i shouted, "gawd damit" and ran into the kitchen. Screamed for jeff that I had been stung. Took 2 benedryls, stripped out of my clothes (last time I got REALLY hot), got a cold cloth, took new epi pen and went into Tucker's room (because every reaction can be different, this time could have been nada, zilch, fine, so there is a "wait and see factor". Last time I had about 10 minutes before I became symptomatic. I was sort of counting on those 10 minutes. This time it was less than 2 minutes.

When I saw my allergist last week and we talked, I asked him, "what do your patients say about how they felt before deciding to use the epi pen?" he said, "Mainly they all mention a sense of impending doom". Hmmmmmmm. guess you'll know that feeling when you are there.

Fast forward, within a few minutes, my hands went numb and all I can say is that I felt that a black shroud was being brought over my head, kind of coming over the back of me. I saw the blackness and I screamed to Jeff, it's happening now. I'm going to do the epi and you call 911. But I sort of blacked out so we did the epi together (and have sinced learned that we should have left it in a bit longer). He caught me as I blacked out (turns out my blood pressure had plummeted) and then shook me to consciousness, where i said, "oh i fell asleep". Then i started vomiting. my head started POUNDING and the only thing i remember is insisting that jeff put my pants on!

he called 911 who arrived in minutes. gave me oxygen and an iv. asked a million annoying questions and then loaded into the ambulance. As i know now, Epi will make you extremely cold. I was shivering (and so glad to have on pants). Jeff had to get poor mr. tucker together, who along with the dogs are freaking out and then he would come to the hospital.

I was feeling weird like, "was i being overdramatic by taking the epi?" (you know that bastard called, "guilt" that lurks in every decision we make"). I kept picturing some old lady having a heart attack needing the EMS and here i am taking up their time..........but at the hospital it turns out that my body was covered in hives, another symptom that i was nearing  the dreaded "Ana" shock". I'm not making light here, just recapping with some humor and feelings from my perspective. My mantra here is "never second guess yourself" because you are worth second guessing". From Jeff's perspective, he said, "while you had nerves of steal, I was scared shitless".

They kept me for the afternoon in the ER, checking on me,listening to my lungs, watching the hives "resolve", chilling get better, nausea dissapate, clarity from me and so on. Was sent home to "follow up with allergist and continue benedryl PRN".

So there you have it, my first DRAMATIC post. I drew this pic tonight, (quoting jeff that i am a "marked woman" since they seem to go after me.....)

I am doing well tonight. have spent 2 days in bed, ankle still swollen, but has to go down eventually, right? thanks for reading. xoxo

Wanna to come to Mexico with me in March?

March 2-8, 2014  I will be at the picturesque Hacienda Mosaico, located in Puerto Vallarta,  teaching 5 days of jewelry techniques and projects. The focus will be on using our beloved vintage pieces and treasures and turning them into unique wearable pieces of art. This is the perfect way to get ready for spring and shake off those winter blues!

pictures of projects we will be working on: 

You can find more details about the workshop here. Also, take a minute and look at some photos from the Hacienda. The place is asolutely gorgeous. All meals are cooked on the premises. Fee is includes, room, meals and teaching fee. 

Patron Saint of discarded things with Michael deMeng

I am please to announce that I will be hosting artist Michael deMeng again this year in Wall, New Jersey. The dates are Oct. 5 and 6th 2013.

As far I as know there is no such thing as

 a Saint or Deity of Discarded things,

 which is a pity because

there are many like me who wander the

 highways and byways looking for bits of

 detritus to incorporate into
artwork. Seems like an activity worthy of

 guidance or protections. In fact I recall

 one instant where I was

traveling Oaxaca Mexico in a large van

 with 10 or so students. On the side of

 the road we passed a large

dumpsite filled with oxidized goodies…all

 of a sudden everyone in the van starts

 oohing and ahhhing. The

driver looked a bit bewildered, and

 wondered what in the world a bunch of

 gringos would find so interesting

about an orange-ish/red heap of metal.

 Little did he know, that to us, it was as

 if we came across the holy

grail. The possibilities of creation were

 endless. In this class we are going to

 create a found object patron,

saint or deity that will aid in our artistic

 endeavors of finding and recreating from

 discarded things. Using

some sort of structure to build of (such as an iron, a shoe, a phone, a shadow box…just about anything) we

will create a place for our effigy to

 watch over our undertakings. This shrine

 will be filled with all sorts of

unusual elements as adornment but will

 also serve as a place to add future bits

 of randomness.

the fee is $200 paypal directly to Michael via paypal. Please email, me, at for more information.

what does it all mean? The meaning of Puppet Master

I painted this picture a few months ago and had no idea what it meant or where it came from. It just sort of evolved (which is the fun, surprising part). But this morning as I was getting Tucker ready for school, I kept looking at it, and suddenly realized what it all meant. 


I kept looking at the wedding ring. It was something I added at the last minute and it was this mystery to me, like, who is this character married too? And why are those people dangling from his arm?

It finally dawned on me that the "Puppet Master", who  I referred to the guy with the red arm, is my husband, Jeff and the 3 characters he is supporting (they are not dangling after all) are me, dillon and tucker.

 Jeff is very very strong (physically), so the red, bold arm, represents his strength. There was a time, in our past where Jeff's priorities where not so much about our relationship, but rather other things. He's always been a steadfast and great father, but in all honesty, I secretly felt he was a better father than husband. Over time as we have both grown and changed, he has matured. As we talk about our past, I bluntly summed up feelings by telling him, "you squandered that time in our relationship". he did not disagree.


Now a days, his priorities have shifted. it is less about the party and friends and more about taking care of us. He is learning that taking care of us  also means emotionally too. Committing emotionally to being a better partner, father and person. (i think we all do that as we age anyway....) I gave up trying to help Jeff with his emotional demons. I stopped playing police woman and trying to control things in him that were beyond my control. When I let go of  feeling responsible for his well being, I changed as well. My mantra became, "I can not make you happy". I can only support you, but you have to do the rest. He has become extremely supportive of my art journey. I couldn't ask for better support and the freedom it allows me to "just be myself".

He often says that his new role is all about supporting and taking care of his family. So in the picture, his strong arm is gently supporting us the best way he can. 


The pink character standing behind Jeff represents me again.  It shows that I'm the serious one and he's the joker (note his smirk and my very serious expression). I have a degree in psych and would quietly stand behind him and understand his behaviors, all the while knowing that I couldn't do much about them. I have always been the voice of reason and patient.

the cute little dude standing on the house is Dillon. He is pure joy and that he brought a lot of love back into our lives after Tucker's injury  He anchors our relationship. He is beyond precious to us. 


 and lastly, my house. my rock - my source of stability and sanctuary. While I am not a religious, church going person, I am spiritual and hold many beliefs and have a particular fondness for religious iconic imagery that you can find all over the house. growing up in the military, I moved around so much, that often felt there wasn't a lot of stability in the sense of feeling like i belonged somewhere or had an attachment to one spot. I lived as an invisible person since there wasn't much time to get to know people before moving again. I've lived in this house since 1995, a long time for me. While living in NJ isn't my first choice, I love my house, my property and what I have achieved here. Jeff wants to move, always looking for utopia, which, in my opinion, doesn't exist. Utopia to me, is here in my own home, surrounded by my art and love of life. 



things to ponder

10 Easy Steps to become a miserable artist:

saw this on fb and thought it was great. 

How to Make Yourself Feel Miserable as a Creative person: 
1) Constantly compare yourself to others in your same craft
2) Base the entire success of your career on one project
3) Stick only with what you know
4) Undervalue your expertise
5) Let money dictate exclusively what you do
6) Only work on what you think others will love
7) Do only what the client/patron/gallery owner asks
8) Base your artistic merit on the comment sections of your posts
9) Never take time to recharge
10) Set unachievable/overwhelming goals, to be accomplished by tomorrow.

**I was finally able to track down the original post -  see it here on this blog, Craft, Create, Connect. 

Nominate someone deserving

Those Art is You girls (Sallianne and Ellen) are at it again! These 2 women are constantly giving back to the community through their events,  charitable contributions, their generous spirit and the understanding of how to encourage women to bring more art and creativity into their lives.  

This time they are holding a contest where you can nominate someone deserving to attend one of their retreats (Petaluma, CA or Stamford, CT), a $1000 value! Here is what the prize consists of:

3 nights’ accommodation at our host hotel – King

 Room with Breakfast.

3 Full-Day Workshops (Chosen by winner but based

 on availability) and Kit Fee subsidy ($20 per day

 where applicable). Lunch each workshop day
Full access to events such as Morning Motivators,

 Art Trunk and charity events.

here's how to nominate someone: 

Tell us who

 you’d like to nominate to win the prize above

 and why you feel they deserve this special

 creative-outlet treat.

We’ll be making a new 

post here on Create Mixed Media each week

 for the month of June and we’ll announce the

 winner of the prize the first week of July.

 (Winning nomination to be chosen by Art Is 

You andCreate Mixed Media.) You can leave

 a comment any week, but please only one 

nomination per person.

To spruce things up

 and increase the fun, we’ll randomly select

 one commenter each week to win a North

 Light book.

You can enter the contest here:

Hope for Oklahoma

A couple of my cool facebook friends (the Heather's) ran a really cool auction a couple of weeks ago to raise funds for victims in Oklahoma, following the hurricane. With all the items donated and then auctioned, they were able to raise almost $9000! how amazing is that. I donated 3 pieces myself. 

Well the girls are starting round 2 tomorrow. I am donating this piece that I have called, Angel of Hope. The auction takes place on this page and you bid under the photo of the item you are interested in. You have to have a paypal address to bid. Visit their and like their page here

"Angel of Hope":

Angel of Hope is a mixed media hanging piece, measuring 12" long and 7.5" wide. She is made up a variety of objects because she represents the disentanglement of life after a hurricane comes through. Her feet are old spoons. I imagined finding them on the ground in the rubble afterwards. Her body is an Altoid tin and can be opened to view the inside, which contains a small painting, meant to illustrate the wounded voice to all that have lost so much. She has been soldered and her head (and old vintage bisque Charlotte doll part) has been anchored down with a screw. This screw now holds her together; much like the support offered by Hope for Oklahoma. ~kecia deveney


I love a good mystery. In fact, I can very obsessed about them, given my over curious personality. I find things like this so interesting and really glad I stumbled upon it (via facebook, of course).

The coffins of Arthur's Seat

In 1836, five boys were hunting rabbits on the north-eastern slopes of Arthur’s Seat, the main peak in the group of hills in the center of Edinburgh. In a small cave in the crags of the hill they stumbled across seventeen miniature coffins carved in pine and decorated with tinned iron. Carefully arranged in a three-tiered stack, each coffin contained a small wooden figure with painted black boots and individually crafted clothing.

how cool is that? I think they are so amazing. makes me want to create my own.

The story was posted on  the blog, The Museum of ridiculously interesting things (great name!) go to the link and read more about them.


In a way they remind of these cool Nuches that I purchased from an antique dealer in New York (well I bought one and he gifted me the smaller one, since as he said, "he enjoyed my enthusiasm") Mine are from Panama. This is  what the dealer told me about them: 

These are healing figures that represents  medicine man, woman or Nele. The spirit of a vivo or an alive figure is summoned  in the healing process, generally for soul retrieval  to restore the balance of health to an afflicted individual.  The process is accompanied by a shaman's healing chant and the burning of cacao beans in a clay sensor underneath the patients hammock.

I placed my 2 nuchus dolls in an assemblage piece I recently completed.

(I carved the totem myself!)