Greetings from Skagway!

this will be quick again 'cuz i don't have much battery time. we are having a great time and very busy! not much time for relaxing at all! We went into Skagway today and it was fun. the little town is very charming. we had lunch at the Red Onion Saloon, which was a brothel in its day. i talked my son, dillon into getting his picture taken with one of the ho's (faux ho! she's just acting the part....)

this afternoon we are going up into a helicopter and flying to a glacier. then we will visit a dog sled camp before coming back down.

yesterday we went whale watching. we saw lots of whales (humpbacks), but very little breaching (bringing their entire body out of the water into a dive.) as we were heading back in, we came across a calf who according the naturalist was "playing". it was playing by slapping its fin onto the water. it was really cool.

off again! my images aren't loading, so i'll have to add pictures later!