From the land of "some people just don't get it" and a few more tiara pics

When I have some time to make myself look presentable..... i will take a picture of me wearing my tiara!
So, i was at a BBQ yesterday at my friends house. She let me raid her shoe box stash so that i had some boxes to mail out these mannequins i've been selling in my etsy shoppe (as a supply) in addition to the few i've altered. so we were discussing this and that about my art and she asked what was the class i was taking in Boston. I told her all about the tiara class, soldering, making the charms, ets. There was another woman also standing there listening when all i a sudden she pipes in "is there a lot of call for tiaras?" I just sort of looked at her and said, well, i am not sure what your question means, but i took the class because of my interest in it. i don't really evaluate situations like that based on "the call for it". maybe i am being snarky, but i found it a little annoying because i get that a lot. they don't understand what it is that i do (huh, altered art?) another time someone said to me, "and you make money at this?"
So my husband and i were discussing her "silly" comment this morning because i was saying, "what is exactly was she asking?" that in order for me to take a class, i should evaluate the need for it? whatever happened to doing something because you like it? i surmised that this is probably a woman without a lot of art in her life!