More birthday goodies came in the mail today

Okay, i swear i am almost done talking about my birthday! one more post after this one and that's it! My husband bought this for me. It was done by my friend, Lindsay Brackeen of She sells on etsy and ebay, both sites can be found by going to her blog. Lindsay is extremely talented and she's only been painting for 2 years. she has 2 girls and paints in her spare time. i think she told me she keeps all her supplies in a suitcase and then drags it into the kitchen when she gets a moment to paint. i find such beauty in her work and she's done so many that i wish i had gotten! she has sold more than 400 paintings, which is quite an accomplishment! Lindsay and i are going to be rooming together at Artfest. I am so excited to finally meet her - I am so glad she is going!