a necklace that my friend, Kim, from Ohio made me

When i was in Ohio, my dear friend, Kim, gave me this necklace that she made for my birthday. how cool is it? i wore it out to dinner that night. i really received some wonderful gifts this year - all handmade, which i love. She picked up the beads at Ally beads and the charm she found at this cute little boutique next to where she works. She got me the westie charm since i have 2 darling (but trouble makers), westies! the cool fabric beads that you see woven in the necklace is something she learned from Nina Bagley, which Nina calls the cocoon bead. they really are cool and totally make the piece. i just love them. go visit her blog at http://www.artdogslife.blogspot.com/. she also had an etsy store (clickable from her blog) and right now she has a pair of cocoon bead earrings that she just finished for sale.