andrew and me

well, andrew and i had a great time yesterday making a little book. well, i made a book and he helped me. when he first got here, we hugged since this was our first meeting face to face, then i showed him around the house and yard. I was living large as he ewwed and awwed over everything. he said "this looks like California", which made me quite proud. being a California girl, i have gone to great efforts to make my home and garden looking nothing like New Jersey (no offense please!). i have a unique decorating style and i wanted it reflected in my home. for him to say it looks like my birth state really made my day! Especilly for him to say it reminded him of Carmel - one of my most favoritest places! my stepfather had a beach cottage there in the early 70's and we had the greatest time there.

next we took a look at all of his many books that he has made in many different styles. who knew there were so many different ways to create a book. he is quite talented. i got to see a lot of the books he made in Pam Sussman's classes. very beautiful. Then we decided how i wanted my book to look (i wanted to create a little something to house my Artfest stuff in). i decided to go with a very basic book that has the spiral binder edging to it - so that i can add more stuff to it if i want. (although i need to buy a bigger spiral plastic piece because i made my book thick and i might even want it thicker!

andrew got out all his cool supplies, cutters and blades and hole puncher thingy. he had some great stuff! i wrote down all the names of the stuff he used that i liked. we also discussed meeting in NY next sat. after my class with THE GLITTER FAIRY at Tinsel Trading Co. we might go shopping at art stores and then eat. we will see!

we had a nice lunch break with Jeff getting us salads and then i served some "potatoe cheese soup" that i had made the night before. very yummy! we ate out at the table by the travel trailer/camper. it was so warm and nice. the birds were chirping at the acorns were falling! i had to dodge a few that came quite close to my head!

so after lunch we got back to cutting, making little folders and inserts for my book. i messed up a few of my folders, put them in upside down, etc. - but oh well! i'll figure out how to use them in their new direction!

we finished off our day by making some book covers using really pretty paper that he brought. it was really cool to see the process of how some of this stuff gets done.

i want to thank andrew for coming down for a day of art. i hope he had as much fun as i did!