Happy Halloween

i thought i 'd share some photos of halloween's gone by! starting with the picture at the bottom (closest to the posting) here are the descriptions: Enjoy!
pictures 1-4: from a Halloween party i held one year. the third one in the bathroom had people really freaked out!
picture 5: Tucker as a nerd, Eugene.
picture 6: Me and my friend, Michele. another friend, Kathy was also dressed up as 50's housewife, but i can't find a pic with all 3 of us. we called ourselves Helen, Harriet and Hazel.
picture 7: me dressed up as bride ghoul. we went out to a bar that night.
picture 8: dillon dressed as a lion - age 3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!
picture 9: jeff (my husband) and dracula and dillon as Link, from Legend of Zelda (i made his costume!)
picture 10: me, jeff and dillon going to a Halloween party. i was Mrs. Roper!
picture 11: tucker as a spanish bandito
picture 12: tucker as Elvis
picture 13: pepper and kirby as frankenstein's
picture 14: lilly as a catepillar
picture 15: a bat we rescued - not on halloween - but thought it was appropriate to show today! he apparently crashed into a tree. we put him into a box until he regained his senses and then let him go when he was awake!