i'm working on a mannequin

my husband picked up this mannequin for me this summer at a barn sale for $10. i really haven't quite known what to do with it since the body is fabric. after taking Stephanie Lee's class at Artnsoul, i decided i would use the same stuff from class. i call it paper mache - but it's the strips that you cut and then dip in water and then layed down and then it dries - Rigid Wrap is what it is called. that is far as i got (top picture) before i ran out of rigid wrap. i just picked up some more at Michael's yesterday, so i'll get to finishing it up. after it is completely wrapped and dried, i will paint the edges and then start collaging the rest of it. i did one before and it turned out awesome- only this one i didn't have to paper mache - it was already a type of material ready for collaging on. i'll post pictures as it progesses!