only one day left

Wow, i really cannot believe that this is almost over. it went by so fast. there is a full day of class for me tomorrow and then i fly home tomorrow night (a red eye) and will be back in NJ on tues. morning. i will be exhausted and tired but hopefully not sick - as alot of people have been coughing, sore throats, etc. yucky.

today was a full day of photoshop classes. we learned how to make our own brushes (which on photoshop is like a stencil). it was pretty cool. we learned so much stuff though that i can't even remember what i learned! i'll have to look at my notes later!

during our lunch break, my seatmate, Paula, a local to Oregon, took me and "Z" to this darling little antique store in a little town called Camas. It was so cute. i wanted to stay there for hours! i bought a couple little things and took tons of pictures of interesting things. (pictures that i will import into photoshop and turn into cool art stuff!) we grabbed yummy panini sandwhiches before heading back to class!

i had dinner with "Z" in the bar. we've been splitting meals as neither of us eat a lot, so it worked out perfect. tonight was a steak salad with apples and crispy fried onions on top. pretty good. poor "Z" wasn't feeling well though. luckily she didn't have a class, so she went to rest. Jan and a bunch of other Charmers took the bus to Alberta street to go to Collage. hope they had fun!

So i am about to go to bed - did i say i was exhausted? tomorrow is class with Sally Jean again - yay! we are making a vessel called "le divine shrine". it will be a great class to finish off with.

glad everyone is enjoying the pictures (over at flickr)! it is definitely a great way to chronicle this art experience!