sample from misty mawn's class

here is the class sample that Misty Mawn gave me when class was over. i was talking to her about my work telling her what i didn't like about the work i did on my face (it's the same problem i have any time i do a face - it looks flat and unrealistic - which is basically adding highlights and lowlights - which i have to practice!) - so i picked up her sample and said, this is more the direction i want - simple yet realistic. then she said i could have it! i thought that was so nice. as i said in my previous post, i really enjoy looking at it. it will be a great reference too as i practice working on faces and keeping my work "simple". sometimes i overthink extras, like arms, hair, etc. and then i don't like it. by looking at her piece i can notice how simplified she has accomplished these things. anyway, this is the little niche i created under a vintage lamp next to my bed. the yellow tea cup is stuffed with a nest. Kim and i each bought a yellow cup and saucer when we were shopping at Anthropologie in Ohio together! there are 2 darling blue birds on the front of the tea cup, which to me represent me and kim's friendship!