tired, tired, tired!

yikes, i am still trying to recover from Artnsoul! that redeye really did me in! that and i've been taking a couple of overnight shifts with Tucker since my poor husband is just as tired from watching him the whole time i was gone! it is 6:30 here and i could easily go to bed! wish i could.
i spent the day putting all my charms from the Charmsters swap on my necklace. wow, what a task! i now have to say that i really despise jump rings! they never close the way the are suppose to, they don't stay closed, the charms then fall off, etc. so i spent the day today putting little dabs of super glue on 50+ charms! nothing like breathing superglue all day! anyway, here's what the necklace looks like. i've hung it up over my bed on a board that was already there.