vendor night tonight

today was only one class and a lot of people didn't take classes, but instead went into Portland for some shopping and dinner.

my class was the first of three photoshop classes. it was pretty cool, but LOTS of information. the class was quite full though, which made the class get tied up by lots of questions, computer issues, etc. she didn't even know what to do with my laptop with vista! she was running the 2.0 elements program which isn't compatible with vista, so i had to run 5.0. also, so people were very skilled on the computer, while others had no clue about what was going on! (i had sort of a clue!)

after class i came back to the room to try and lay down for a little bit, but the phone kept ringing and people stopping by the room, etc. - so i just jumped in the shower and got ready for vendor night! me, zhulia and jan ended up being the first ones in line.

my first stop at vendor night was Sally Jean Alexander's booth where i spied, of course, some absolutely GORGEOUS things. i bought a beautiful necklace which will be posted on my flickr site. it was so hard to choose, but this one definitely called my name. i bought a pendant from Stephanie Lee, who was one of my teachers. I bought some artwork from Kelly Rae and a print from DJ Pettitt. The funkiest thing i bought though was an assemblage/sculpture type piece from a woman named Sue Hadden. again look for the piece on my flickr site (it involves 4 wheels).

pictures will probably not go up until the morning as i am exhausted and my left foot where i have a bunion is KILLING me. actually kept me awake most of the night with this shooting, throbbing pain. nice.