30 days of thanks continues.....

Today i am thankful..... Well, i don't know if i'm comfortable with the word, thankful for this post, so i think i will change it to - today i appreciate :

the reason i wanted to post this, is because i've noticed lately that many women are so hard on themselves! and i'm not singleing anyone out by any means - because so many women do this. They don't like how they look, think they've gained too much weight, hate this, hate that. My day in NY alone in class i had 3 different women say something about their looks. One woman in this class felt so bad about herself that she didn't want any pictures taken and definitely didn't want them on my blog. i told her that i felt sad that she was so down on herself. but if you look at her, she is beautiful. she has a great smile, a lovely face, etc. i don't see the things that she is so critical of. I guess i just wish for all women that we could accept ourselves for who we are at the moment. we will never be who we looked like in high school - that time is gone. we are now - love yourself. the harshest critic is ourselves! So you might be heavy right now, so what? eventually when you are ready, you will lose the pounds. you aren't going to enjoy life because you are 15 pounds overweight?
So back to appreciating myself..... long ago, i put those self insecurities aside. one day i just realized that people will see what you want them to see. Do i want to appear confident, smart, creative, what? Eventually i found that by putting my fears aside and projecting myself, i believed it. does that make sense? i'm a hard worker, a nice, kind person, confident and thoughtful. there are some things that i wish were more about myself, but you know what? that's not me, that is someone else that i am comparing myself to and thinking "shouldn't i be more like that?" NO! once i stopped comparing myself and accepted myself for who i am, then i came to appreciate myself so much more.
So, ladies, friends, girls, etc. - try to be thankful for you and who you are right now, because that's the person i love!
my best always,