day 11, thirty days of thanks continues...

Today i am thankful for COURAGE. As in the courage to try new things and have the confidence to do it. As i head into Brooklyn today to check out a new venue, i can't help but think, "what am i getting myself in for?, is this place going to be lame? is it going to be cold inside (it's in an old warehouse), will there be food, will i sell anything?" etc. so many unanswered questions could easily make it simple to say, "oh, forget it, i'm not going". The venue is called "Artists and Fleas" and it is a place that artists and up and coming designers go to sell their goodies. (check it out at it looks funky and edgy,which is totally my style. i usually worry about if i'll sell anything and will it be worth my time. my husband on the other hand, told me, stop worrying about "THE SALE" and just do it for the experience. hand out cards and meet people (all the while, freezing my bum off! called the lady running the venue and she said it will be cold in there. ugh).

So that is what i am doing today. i am driving into Brooklyn and dragging Dillon as my copilot. it's a long day 12-7 and we have to leave NJ at 9:15. i've brought plenty of layers and my camera.

so wish us luck and remember - you gotta be in it to win it!