day 16, thirty days of thanks continues

i think i am going to have to cheat and repeat yesterday's subject. Dillon and i are having a great time here in Fallon; spending time with my father and step-mom, Angie. I am thankful that dillon is getting to spend some quality time with his grandpa. his other grandfather isn't a part of his life and with my dad so far away, he really doens't have a lot of time with grandfigures. so i am really happy about this.
today we took a drive up to Virginia City which is about an hour or so away. We stopped for some pictures at the Gold Hill Saloon, where Jeff and i were married 17 years ago on Dec. 1st. the saloon dates back to 1859. for the ceremony i came down these rickety old stairs with my father at my side. we took some reenactment photos today, which was fun (but of course, sans Jeff!)
we walked around Virginia city for a bit, which is an old mining town. there's the "bucket of blood" saloon and we went in and checked out the "suicide table" which is an old gaming table for cards that apparently has caused 3 previous owners (from way back when....) to kill themselves as they couldn't come up with the monies owed on bets placed at the table...... slot machines at every turn. we ate lunch at The Bonanza, with its 100 mile view. afterwards we drove the cementary where i took some time taking pictures while Angie and Dillon beebopped about. (dad chose to stay in the car since it was getting cold and windy.
back home to Fallon for a spaghetti dinner and then looking at old family pictures.