day 19, thirty days of thanks continues......

today i am thankful for the exciting news i received! earlier i had tried to sign up for the art retreat "The artnest" only to find out that they were full. I was hugely disappointed about not getting to go and kept thinking about it over the next few days, feeling bummed. finally i said, "ok, enough! time to let it go, it will work out the way it should" - so i did.

and sure enough, yesterday i received an email from The Artnest saying that there was an opening and that was i still interested in attending? WELL OF COURSE!!!!! So needless to say, i am quite excited.

there are only 20 people going, so it will be a small intimate venue. it is held in Park City, Utah, which i love! it is gorgeous there! i have friends in the area, so hopefully will get to see some of them. and here 's the best part - guess who is teaching?
Anahata Katkin
Pam Garrison
Amy Hanna

how about that?