day 6 - thirty days of thanks.....

Today i am thankful for - my room or as i like to call it, my sanctuary! When we originally bought this house in 1995, it was 2 separate rooms with very low ceilings. We decided to knock the wall down that separated both rooms and turn it into one big room! We raised the ceilings which helped tremendously. I found some empty space in the walls and had some built- in's created (some bookshelves and a place to put my t.v.

i have tiny little paper lanterns lights dangling from either side of the bed. i collaged them with bits of tissue paper. i love turning them on at night. it is such a nice, ambiant light and makes my room so peaceful. From an old duvet, i created the poofy swag thingy that lays over the top of my bed (first picture from the bottom of my bed). it is sheer with purples and green tones in it. it was the perfect thing to throw up there as it needed something. under neath it in the middle (so if i am laying in my bed i look up at it...) i hung some purple flowers and a purple fairy that my sister had given me). i like to think that she is swinging over me with her wand easing my stress and sorrows and granting all the wishes i have in my head! (picture # 3 from the bottom).

My room reminds me of a garden. i have lots of houseplants around and the since green in my favorite color, it's all around my room. The walls, believe it or not i painted gold and then rag rolled a beige and taupe color over. on top of that i painted vines of grapes that go up the walls. sometimes i get this crazy idea to repaint the walls and do something super cool, but then i stop myself right there! they already look super cool and i don't want to mess up the chi i've got working!

i've surrounded myself with things i love and funky little pieces of junk furniture that i repainted or collaged. (pictures 5,6 & 7). the last photo is a painting i did on the door that leads to my walk in closet (with dormer ceilings though - so i'm always hitting my head!). The painting is an angel i did in my likeness holding my kitty, boo.
i hope you've enjoyed the tour of my sanctuary. i find lots of peace, serenity and rest here.