day 8, 30 days of thanks continues.....

I am so glad that so many of you are enjoying the 30days of thanks! and i'm enjoying all of you who are also participating! it really is fun to read the different things we are thankful for, be it strong and powerful like FAITH or daydreaming like me about a house that i would love to buy. again it just shows me how unique and different people are and that is what makes it interesting. how boring would it be if we all discussed the same things?
So today i am thankful Starbuck's holiday drinks! it is the only time i the year that i go to Starbuck's as i find their coffee to be very strong and i just can't drink it. In Oct. i start inquiring about when to expect the holiday drinks to begin. so this year i was told Nov. 8th and i put it on the calendar. This morning i got to sleep in and then when i got up, i showered and headed over to Starbuck's to order my drink! i ordered a vente 1/2 caf extra hot egg nog latte! and i picked one up for my husband too. ususally he will stop by and pick up a starbuck's card for me that he loads with some $ so that i can pop in whenever i want! i try to go everyday during the season and savor every moment. i can remember the first time i had an eggnog latte. we were living in Kirkland, Wa (a suburb outside of Seattle) and my husband and i were out and stopped at a kiosk of Starbuck's and i saw the drink being advertised. so i ordered one (being such an eggnog addict) and that was that!
so if you haven't tried one, you must! if you don't like eggnog, you can try peppermint or gingerbread.
here's a toast of my eggnog latte to my friend, Kim, who also LOVES Starbucks and their holiday drinks!