day thirty, 30 days of thanks

wow, have i really reached day 30? where did the time go? In my opinion, tomorrow is officially the kick off day (for me anyway, i know it's started already....) for me to play Christmas music. I admit it, i love Christmas music! and i really tire of people complaining about having to listen to it during the holiday season (usually it's store clerks who have to listen to it constantly, so i might have to cut them some slack!) i like to put it on in my studio on my XM radio (the Holly station) or i carry Christmas CD's in my car. As soon as i get up in the morning, i like to turn on the stereo and play Christmas CD's while the kids are getting ready for school. I feel that music is key to memories (along with smells). I have fond memories when i hear certain holiday songs that my mom played when we were little. For years, i tracked down all the music we use to listen to (now happily on CD"s) and those songs are now incorporated into my children's memories. Here are some of the CD's we listen to (warning - some of these are old and maybe not familiar to you). Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Band - Christmas Album, The Andy Williams Christmas Album, John Denver & The Muppets, Ray Conniff - We wish you a merry Christmas, A Patridge Family Christmas Album, Nat King Cole , Squirrel Nut Zippers - Christmas Caravan and the all time favorite - TSO (Transiberian Orchestra) - and luckily i've gotten to see them twice now!