thirty days of Thanks!

Today is Nov. 1st, so that means we begin the 30days of thanks! this was something i discussed a few weeks ago about posting for 30 days about things you are thankful for. i'd love for you to join me either by commenting on my blog or doing it on your own blog! it doesn't have to be anything long or lengthy, just a little blurb like, "today i am thankful for xxxxx". feel free to discuss why you are thankful or just leave it at that! simple rules!
So, today, my first day of thanks, i am thankful for my son Dillon. Dillon is my second child (tucker will get his own post later on a special day). Dillon is 14 years old and in 9th grade. I think Dillon is such a unique person and i am so glad he is my son. he is very smart, not only with school, but common sense. he has an amazing sense of humor (like riding his bike home from his friends house wearing a superman cape! i wish i could have seen that!) and constantly makes me laugh. he is a joy to be around. i love when we get to travel together to. he is such a good companion. he is nice, polite and as you can see very handsome. he is thoughtful and sweet and i don't believe he has a mean bone in him. i've rarely seen him angry - his deposition is amazing. i am so lucky that my second child is so kind. i believe someone took pity on us after what happened to Tucker and said "send them the best baby you've got"!