update on blog giveaway!

only 4 people responded to the blog giveaway - so i 'm gonna mention it one more time to give people a second chance to enter. When i get back from Pennsylvania (on thurs. or fri.), i will pick the winner!

so the contest was about posting your favorite holiday tradition (either a current one, or one you did as a child).

I'll mention a few of our traditions to start off. Every year i buy all of us new PJ's to wear on Christmas morning. (and another viewer mentioned the same thing!). I like to get them from Old Navy so that i can get matching bottoms for all of us and then we wear the same colored top.

Our other tradition is our stockings. Jeff fills my stocking, I fill Jeff, Dillon and Tucker's stocking. When Dillon wakes up in the morning, he gathers all of our stockings and brings them upstairs to my room. we make our coffee and then open up our stockings. Dillon's stocking is huge - about 2 1/2 feet long! i found it one year at thrift store in California when we were visiting my family. i find dillon a basket to put all his goodies in after he's unwrapped his stocking. When he was younger, i use to hide his stocking. he would wake up to find a clue next to his pillow. that clue would send him to another clue and so on and so on until he eventually found his stocking. throughout the years he found his stocking in the dishwasher, dryer, shower, basement, my closet, dillon's own closet, under the beds in various rooms. Santa even hid his stocking when we were in California for Christmas one year. That was the year that Furby was so hot and i put one in his stocking. Well, if you remember, some of the furbbies would start talking on their own. and i could hear the furbie talking in the dishwasher. it was so funny, although, it freaked dillon out a little bit!

one last thing we use to do (and you should try this if you still have young ones.....) is we would take a pair of boots and some baking powder. We slightly wet the boots and then dipped them into the powder and then "walked" them coming out of the fireplace around various rooms. so, in effect, it looked like "snow" and that Santa had been walking around the house.

so tell me your traditions, i loved to hear them!