bad night for tucker

oh my god, tucker had such a bad night last night. he seemed like he was having such a good day yesterday too. cough was much better, he was in a good mood, etc. So we got him ready for bed around 10:00 and then jeff and i went to lay down. (me upstairs and jeff in the room across from tucker). jeff can hear tucker from his room and i keep a baby monitor in my room to listen out for him. around 11:00 i could hear that he was still up, so i went to check on him and gave him a quick diaper change. i kept waiting for him to fall asleep so i could go to bed. around 12:30 i went back to his room to see whaht was going on. well, he was just wide awake and doing this kind of moany/groaney thing. i moved him from his bed and put him on his shakey table. (it is a motion table that moves back and forth). tucker loves it as he really craves movement. i figured this would help make him sleepy. Well, that never happened! he was up all night! i gave him a breathing treatment around 3:30, followed by a vest treament at 4:00 (the vest is an airway clearance system that does percussion on his chest and helps loosen secretions). i left the vest on for 20 minutes (with me sitting behind him holding him up). i think that helped make him a little more tired. finally around 6:30am i woke up jeff and told him i had to go to bed. i haven't pulled an all nighter like that since college! so i slept for 4 hours and then got up to get tuck ready to go to see our neighbor (a doctor) at his office. we just wanted to make sure that tuck's chest was clear, etc. kind of weird for tuck to not fall asleep at all. i also called my friend who works with tucker's pulmonologist to ask her a question. then she told me that the treatments that we gave tucker yesterday (pulmicort)is probably what kept tucker up all night, since it is a steroid. Aha - that explains it! Our neighbor, Kurt, said that tucker's chest sounded clear, so that was good. he changed his antibotic, but that's about all we can do but what we are already doing. however, we won't be giving him pulmicort today! he'll get a few other treatments instead. i got in another two hours of sleep and am now waiting for dillon to get home from the movies (he went to see the sequel to National Treasure). we are going to be hanging out tonight since he leaves for Disneyworld tomorrow with our neighbors. he will be back on New Year's Eve around 9:00pm. i have mixed feelings about him going. he'll be having a great time, but i am nervous about him flying without me. Let's put it this way, it's a great opportunity, but i'll be glad when he is back home!