here's what i got done today

Well, we got our tree today and i finished decorating the house. so that's a good start. the tree we will do in a few days as the needles need to drop just a little more. tomorrow i'm going to work on some soldered charms for some friends of dillon's and for a blog buddy. then i will do some more work on a resin charm that i am working on for a trade with Cindy Forrester. Cindy and i met through etsy; although i already knew of her through Deryn Mentock's blog when she mentioned her. Then i was reading a jewlery magazine and there was a picture of a necklace that i really liked and i saw the artist was Cindy Forrester. So when i saw she hearted my etsy shoppe, i convo'd her and asked her if she was the one Deryn had mentioned in her blog and she said yes. Such a small world! anyway, we got to talking and decided we wanted to do a trade! i love doing trades like this. i had admired her work and she mine, so it is very inspiring to create for her. So i will do some work on her piece.

i also have to install my new router which finally arrived (my other router died and it was fairly new!). after the whole "dell" incident, i totally DREAD calling the company tomorrow to get this installed. i am sure it will be easy, but just not looking forward to it. there is always a glitch (either it's me and i have totally bad luck or i don't know what! basically, nothing comes easy for me. there's always a challenge). so cross your fingers that it install fine and works because i don't need the headache!

well it's late and time for bed!