it's Valentine's already

I am hosting a Valentine's Day swap for the Charmsters group that i belong to. we formed through Artnsoul, Portland - 2007. We had a lovely charm swap with 50 participants and i met a great group of people through the group! So we decided to forge on and i suggesed a Valentine's charm swap. i wanted to keep this swap a little smaller, but low and behold, before i knew it the particpants numbered 50 again! we are each making 52 charms. 50 for swapping and then 2 will go to our honorary members, Glenny and Cindy, the two women who run Artnsoul. The due date for the Valentine's Day swap is fast approaching, so i wanted to get mine finished. As the host, i will be receiving all those packets of charms and then sorting them into 50 different piles! (my husband has already volunteered to help sort). so i wanted mine finished by this weekend as i have other things to get done as well (gifts for Artnest, trades for Artfest, 27 ATC's for a fabric ATC book with Beeshay to name a few!)

so here are my charms for the swap. i took little wood hearts and made mini collages. the background consists of tissue papers and gold foil i save from chocolates! then i reduced vintage Valentine's Day cards from a box of vintage cards i purchased at a flea market and collaged them on top. i drilled a hole, did some wire wrapping with beads, used some tea dye on the side of the wood to age it and then added my jump ring. i think they are pretty cool!