So how are the holidays going so far?

How is the shopping going? do you have to mail many things out - have you done it? have you done your cards yet? done any wrapping yet? still have lots more shopping to do? feeling overwhelemed by all these questions? these are all these thoughts running around in my head - so don't feel alone!

being the only person in my family on the east coast, i have a lot of mailing out to do. i've gotten a few things done for that, but still have more to do. i'm making most of my gifts this year and i have a few more to finish. plus dillon just asked me if i could make some gifts for some of his "girl" friends. turns out there are 7 of them! i'm trying to figure out when i am suppose to do all this stuff! i have a lot of time to do things, but lately, it is being stolen from me left and right (my time). now i need to finish decorating, so some baking, shop for groceries, get a tree and decorate that too! plus finish all these hand made gifts!

guess i really need to buckle down this week and make the most of my time! might have to go back to making a list so i can organize my time again! are we having fun yet? (at least my blog is decorated!)