Sorry, but i need to be whiney for a minute

This is my absolute biggest pet peeve and it just happened to me YET again. I don't know if it is the same way around where you live, but NJ is NOTORIOUS for horrible customer service.

I was just at Barnes and Noble to pick up some books for Dillon. I went early and there were maybe 3 people in there. I found the books quickly and went to get in line. well all of the 3 people are in line, of course, at the same time and there is only ONE cashier. I don't want to sound impatient; but the cashier looked like he was in his 70's, so he wasn't exactly Speedy Gonzales if you know what i mean. So we are waiting and waiting and waiting............ i look over to the customer service station and there are 6 employees standing around talking! i wait another minute and yet nothing changes. finally i frantically wave over the one of the employees and gestured to the line. she says "okay, hold on, hold on" - like the nerve of me to be in a hurry. she got one of my famous eye rolls for that. So another girl comes over and takes the next customer who has a return, which she can't do. so she makes that lady go over to yet another line and then starts a 10 minute procession on "who is doing returns" and "what extension to i call them on" (just yell over to the customer service station because odds are good they are standing there talking.....)I guess multi tasking isn't a concept there, because i think she could have been ringing me up during this whole thing. finally she locates the "return person" and then starts ringing me up. i was paid and done and the poor lady with her return is still standing there. my cashier has already bolted and the person doing "returns" was busy figuring out something extremely important with Ed, the 70 plus cashier. I was fuming. i turned to the other lady patiently waiting and said "i believe that these people do not appreciate our time" and then i promptly yelled "HELLO, could you please help this woman out"? Okay, i admit, i am PMS'ing at the moment, but quite honestly, i am sick how these stores are run. it is the same everywhere (in NJ at least). it is impossible to "quickly" run into a store. there's always some hoopla or whatever and usually ONE cashier. I've decided that will be the last time in that particular Barnes and Noble. I'm have tempted to call the mgr. of the store too because i'm so tired of it.

okay, there, i feel better for venting................... (and i guess that didn't have much Christmas spirit, but i hope you'll give me some slack..............)