There's a storm a brewin

Right now i am sitting in my room (my sanctuary). It is quite dark in here as i've got all the lights out except for the lights on my christmas tree. I spent the morning in Tucker's room taking care of him and decorating a tree for my room. i realized today that i do all these trees for the house and dillon and tucker have small trees in their rooms - but i've never made a tree just for me. so that is what i did today using a tree from my craft shows that i had hung bookmark ornaments on. after removing all the leftover bookmarkers, i wrapped the 3' tree in lights. then i went out to the main tree and picked out some of my more favorite ornaments. i also went outside and plucked a nest out of the thicket on the side of the house to put in my tree.

So here i am sit in my room with Lilly on my bed (who isn't feeling well..:( - i think she ate either some of the Christmas tree or a plant on the table; both of which i saw her munching on) and we are watching "The Notebook". i'm not one to watch movies like this (romantic) and i'm not sure why - but tonight i've got it on. My window is open so i can listen to the rain/snow that is supposably coming. i love listening to storms or the silence of snow falling at night when everyone is sleeping. i keep a towel handy to line my window so the rain doesn't get on my bed or me - but i love having my window open at night. i don't care how cold it is in the winter, my window is open every night. Sometimes i can hear the raccoons knocking over the trash cans and every so often when our little owls come back, i hear them in the trees across the street. hoot, hoot they say to one another back and forth through out the night. in the morning jeff and i will ask each other, did you hear the owls last night? (he stays downstairs across from Tucker's room).

The wind is picking up and i can hear the leaves swirling around in the street as the wind pushes them about. I'm quite cozy in my bed as i am laying on new sheets! i hate shopping for sheets as i never seem to find ones that i like. either the print is ugly or the thread count is too chinsy or the pockets aren't deep enough for my bed. but today when i was at Kmart picking up boring household items like bleach, a new toilet seat, etc. i thought i'd look at their sheets. I started looking and some were actually kind of cool. What, i thought - prints i actually like? Surely they won't fit my deep fitted mattress. So i quickly called home and asked my friend, Michele, who was watching Tuck while i ran out if she could measure the width of my mattress to see if they'd fit. Yay - she said they would. so home they came, washed, dried and on the bed they are!

For dinner i had the yummiest porterhouse steak with a delicious garlic butter on top, a side of french fries, some asparagus and a wonderful house salad along with a nice glass of red wine. Scrumptious!

Can it get any better than this?