these are a few of my favorite things.....

i got out the Christmas decorations last night and it is always so fun to go through them after not seeing them for a year! i did a little decorating today, but unfortunately it made me notice how dirty my house is! so i think i've done more cleaning than decorating. but anyway, i took some pictures of some of my more sentimental things.
the first picture (working from the bottom to the top...) is a paper mache snowman that someone made of "Tillie". Tillie is an icon from Asbury Park. He was the symbol of the old arcade. Asbury Park when through a horrible period of decay and many buildings were closed/abandoned. Now Asbury Park is going through a resurggence and older buildings are being demolished. A "save Tillie" organization was created and funds were earned to save the icon, which is currently being stored somewhere! Jeff bought the snowman for me a few years ago at a local shop and the girl never made any more - so it is really precious to me.
the next picture is of a snowman (i like snowman, can you tell?) that i made when i was little; although i don't rememeber how old. I made it from a t-shirt and a tube sock. i think he is so cute. his neck is really wobbly!
the 3rd picture from the top is yet another snowman! I bought this snowman when i lived in Guam (age 10). i remember we were out doing Christmas stuff and i saw him and just loved him! when you turn him, he plays music ("frosty the snowman"). His base broke long ago, but you can still turn him to play the music. i sit him in a smaller planter so he doesn't fall over.
the last picture is off a vintage candy dish that was my mom's. i coveted that dish and was so happy when she finally gave it to me a few years ago! it is perfect for putting her homemade peanut butter fudge in. we are currently patiently waiting for this years batch to come (she sends it from California!)
i'd love to hear about your precious holidays decorations.