Trees, trees, trees!

Besides our big tree, i do a few smaller trees and place them about the house. The first tree (starting from the bottom up) is my snowman tree. It has 39 little snowmen on it that i made from baby socks. i just love this little tree because the snowmen are so cute, they make me smile and because i made them all.
the next tree is my bird tree. it is so full of ornaments i don't think there is any extra space anywhere. plus it looks like it will topple over it is so full! i can't even begin to guess how many bird ornaments are on it! but you know i love my birds, so it also brings me a lot of joy.
the last tree is one i did many years ago. it is a frog tree! before i switched over to birds - i loved froggies! so i made this funny little tree. people would give me frogs for my tree which was fun. it is the first tree i bring out every season.