i'm in a funk today and this made my day

i've been a little stressed out about Tucker who gave me such a scare the other day at school (all is fine...)- but it really affected me and put me in that "worry" mode about him. For those of you worriers out there, you know how stressful those feelings are. also, the heater on tucker's new hot tub is not working and when i called the company they told me they went bankrupt! jeff's truck won't start and my less than 7 month old tv died! what's next? i'm also working on this valentine's charm swap, which, quite honestly, i will be glad when it is over! just way to many people to keep track of (50 participants). i can barely remember if i had lunch, let alone juggle all that info! can't wait to go to the post office with 50 priority mail bags! and i have to pre weigh them before i go to make sure they are all under a pound (because they paid the $4.60 under a pound priority rate). people sent different bags, boxes, etc. not much continuity. just hope i don't get that grouchy mail guy!
but anyway, i just opened my email and recieved the nicest note. i have to say, "it made my day".

Sent by JoleeJane on January 30, 2008: Hi Keica-I had to write to tell you how amazing your art is!I noticed you had a blog so I went and checked it out, you are truly gifted.I love working with some of the same materials you use- I just cant get enough sometimes;)anyway thought you should know you are admired from CaliforniaJane

huh? am i right? how nice was that?