nest walk

My husband and i (and Kirby) decided to take a walk over to where some new construction is beginning. That lot has been trees ever since we moved here in 1995, so it is really sad to see them coming down - to make way for over sized, no personality, ugly mcmansions; to be filled with 3 car garages with Humeers and Escalades. the state is crowded enough as it is, but let's build more houses! at this point, i don't know where the deer will go from here. maybe they'll head to the quarry area behind my house.

but anyway, we decided to go look around to see if we could find any nests. we looked in the trees that were taken down already and we went through the trees that were slated to go down next. we ended up finding 5 nests - and i'm sure there is plenty more! I was happy to remove them from the carnage of bulldozers and fallen trees.