So what have you been doing in the new year?

I decided that after Christmas i wanted to do a little more organizing of my studio and make better use of my space. I'm always tweaking stuff like this and each time, it gets better and better. so my idea this time was to empty this one drawer in my studio that was crammed with fabric and such and create a little sewing niche. the sewing niche was in my walk in closet, but it is quite cold in there during the winter and hot during the summer, so i don't like going in there! so by moving a few things around, i brought my sewing machine into my room (it's like a little side room off my bedroom. i have a rattan screen separating the area, so i don't really see it at all. then inside my closet i set up my ironing board and a vintage suitcase and am in the process of ironing all my fabric, which will then go into the suitcase. this way when i need something, it is nice and neat and accessible (not crammed in a drawer!).
then in my studio i had my husband put up some molding on my few and far between wall space so i could put my stamps on them. this way they are out of drawers and i can see what i might want to use instead of rummaging around in drawers. the other thing i did was put up a shelf in the opposite corner of my studio so i had somewhere to put all my books. they were all over the studio and trying to find the right book at the right time to peek through was a big time waster. guess in the end that'swhat i am trying to do is stop wasting so much time trying to locate things!