another nest hunt


after a recent windy, rainy storm, i took the dogs into the back field to look for nests. i was sure we'd be able to find some that had fallen out of trees - and i was right! i ended up finding 5 0r 6 nests. one was this huge straw type nest that was totally falling apart, so i put it into an open nesting box i have. i figured the birds can pick at it later and take what they want. i foud 4 smaller nests (pictured above) and then i also found a rusty old mailbox in the way back by the quarry. when i picked it up, i found a nest inside. i brought the whole thing back and put it on top of my birding cabana. the last picture is something my husband made for me to display some of my nests. it hangs on the wall (a cathedral ceiling) in our tv/computer room. the last empty slot has also been filled with another nest i found.