Memory Monday - first job

my first job, obviously from the picture, was a paper route - i was in 8th grade. (that is me on the far left, my sister in the middle and my two brothers on the right side). i can't say fondly, that i liked this job very much! it was after school during the week and early in the morning on the weekends. the part i hated the most was folding the papers. My hands would be black as i folded batches and i was very OCD about it. it grossed me out and i'd keep a bottle of Jergens hand lotion and a rag nearby and every few papers i'd "clean" my hands by applying lotion and then wiping all the black off. it would take me forever to fold my papers using this process!my brother and sister were always done way before i was. on the weekends, my girlfriend, Tammie would sometimes stay over and help me do my route. she was really fast at folding, so this was always a bonus! after we'd finish my route, we'd come home and watch cartoons, our favorite being "Captain Caveman". i also found this job embarassing, as a few of the cute guys from my class lived on the route, so i always had to ride my bike by, delivering the paper wearing that hidious paper holder over my shoulders! (and that thing was heavy, by the way!)One of the guys was a real jerk though and sometimes if he had other guys over, he'd throw rocks at me as i was biking by to be funny.i think i flipped him off in return! also on my route was a little store, so i was always stopping and buying candy, snacks, donuts, whatever! as i collected money from my customers, i'd stop and buy stuff. half the time i could barely come up with the amount owed to the newspaper company, because i had spent most of it at that little convenience store! the cool thing about the route was it took me by farms where i would see cows, sheep, goats, horses, lots of birds, etc. One thing i DID NOT like was early in the morning, there were always snakes out and they slivered by in front of my bike and freak me out. to this day, snakes still give me the heebie jeebies because of that! i remember this one time where i was out late delivering papers and a really heavy rain storm hit. i was at the end of my route and it was really coming down, so the nice wife made her husband drive me and my bike back home.
in high school i did the token babysitting jobs, i did some typing for a relator and then i finally got the prerequiste for all jobs, a job at McDonald's. i sure hated that uniform! i use to smuggle cheeseburgers in my little work towel and then go into the bathroom and stuff them into my mouth! i met my boyfriend, Ken, at this job and we were together for almost 8 years.
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