my prizes from OWOH arrived

My first prize is from Jeweled Elegance at how stunning is this ring? i still can't believe it won something so beautiful. i just wore it to lunch and received several compliments on it. i have to say it sure looks great on my finger!
my other prize came in an ENOURMOUS box. if you go to her link, she is holding up a wreath and i thought that was the wreath i won . so i had no idea what was in this box that jeff had put on my bed. i said to him, i didn't order anything that big, wonder what it is? i didn't recognize the address either. When i opened it, i was thrilled! it is so gorgeous. i was immediately filled with a sense of spring! look how wonderful it looks hanging on my front door. what nice mail to come home too!
thank you both so much - i so appreciate you sharing your beautiful things through OWOH.