necklace from Amy Hanna's class

here is my deconstructed necklace that i made in Amy's class. it was really challenging since i decided right away to add 3 strands and a brooch. the brooch is a little off kilter in design, so it really tested my patience as it took awhileto get it to hang correctly! i wasn't very good at wire wrapping, so eventually i gave up and used jump rings (cheating....) i still have some tweaking to do and some soldering; but i love it.
the brooch belonged to my Grandma Frazee and while i was visiting my dad in Nov., my stepmom let me pick out some of her things. the little face dangling from the brooch also belonged to my grandma. it was on a charm bracelet of all her grandchildren. that charm has my name and birthdate on it. there is also a double heart with rhinestones on my necklace that belonged to my cousin, who died very young while she was in college. i've had it for years, so i was really happy to get to incorporate it. the strands contain bits of pearl necklaces, rosary beads, some beads off a vintage necklace and some clear beads i traded Kelly for during class. the rest of my photos from Artnest can be found here