saturday's goings on

i dropped off a bunch of linens, blankets and such to the SPCA. it always feel so good doing that, knowing the kitties and doggies will have something soft to lay on. i started playing with some of the cats in the cages in the reception area. they all wanted some scratchings. one started playing with my key chain and the kitty below him started yanking on the drawstring on my sweat pants. had half the drawstring in her cage before i noticed! it was fun. i inquired about a volunteer program, which they are in the middle of trying to establish. i'd like to volunteer and have my son volunteer with me at the same time. something for us to do together. still cleaning in my room - got the laundry put away, vaccumed and put donations on the front porch. even mananged to give Lilly (my himalayan) her monthly haircut (i trim around her chin and face and bum area). when she drinks water, her mane gets wet and the fur starts to dread!) she's not happy now that she looks a little bit like ET. here is Lilly sitting in her special basket - which has a heating pad underneath her blankie.