strange things going on

i was just saying to my son yesterday, "you know with this warm weather, the birds are gonna get confused and start working on their nests". so today i go into my shed to get out my Easter decorations. the door had been left open for who knows how long and what a mess i found! the boxes were open and my easter grass and fibers were all over the place. first i thought maybe a mouse had been in the boxes since they love to live in my shed.. then i thought, wait maybe my son and his friends were playing around at here and decided to open the boxes. but then i looked up and saw what really was going on. "someone" had been using my easter grass and fibers to build a nest. it was tucked away in the corner in some sticker bushes i picked in the back field and it is nestled between the gas can and my extension cord. so i tiptoed every so quietly out in hopes of catching the rare beauty that made this nest. i'll have to keep an eye out!
**update: this is a faux story! apparently when i wrote it, it sounds like it is indeed true. i've had many emails inquiring about this - so i just thought i'd share, that the story is made up.