this is what i did today

i definitely try to do at least one project a day. what can i say? i love to create! if i'm not doing something artsy, i start to get buggy! (but in between i manage to do the laundry, cook, clean, etc. although not willingly!) this closet door needed a makeover big time. the center was painted with a light beige. the outer rim i painted in gold, then came in with some white - texturizing it with bubble wrap. ontop of that i painted some light pink and dark pink onto another texture (drawer liner) and randomly applied it here and there. then i just hand drew some white circles with lines around, made some black squiqqles/scrolls, added some green and black dots and then made a little bird pattern which i traced onto dictionary paper and glued in various spots. i like how it looks with my vintage nightie hanging there.