wow, i actually won something!

I kind of consider myself not a lucky type, so i was thrilled to learn i won, not one OWOH blog giveaway, but two!
first i won a absolutely gorgeous handmade ring from Bejewled Elegance (love her avatar...). go take a look at my bling - i beat out 161 other participants for that ring! She's a jewelry designer and you can find some of her lovelies here:
then i found out that i won a this oh so pretty in pink, wreath, made from Mya at Creative Musings w/ Mya - i beat out 142 participants in that one as well. so maybe, i am luckier than i previously thought! i have just the spot for it!

thanks so much ladies, i am truely appreciative.


i guess my certified letter to Costco paid off. the store mgr. called me tonight and we discussed the hot tub. hopefully things will progress from here.