icon redo

the top picture is the very first icon i did at Artnest. i decided to redo her a bit since i was never quite happy with her. At artnest, i had tried to draw some hair around her using some ink. well that turned into a disaster. i had to wipe it off and it really smudge up the girls face. then i tried to draw in some hair and hated that. (anytime i draw or write, i never like it. by write, i mean add my penmanship to something, because i don't like my writing. it's sloppy and annoying! i think because i find writing tiresome on my hand ( i have tendionitis in both hands). the harder i tried to write neat, my hand gets really tired! that's probably why i like blogging so much - because i can type fast and it looks neater than my writing!
anyway, back to my icon. so i found a copy of the original image i took and decided to rework her a bit. i just think she needed some help! i'm pleased with how she turned out.
we had some fierce winds last night here. trees fell over (not in our yard thank goodness), big branches are all over the roads, my pillars with birdhouses on them were all over, etc. it was that really loud, rattle the house kind of wind.
i slept with tuck last night - me and him squeezed into his bed. i lined pillows against the wall and pressed my back against the wall and then had him laying across the bed and i put one of my legs in front and behind him to prop him up a little (probably dosen't make much sense!). i think he's got a stomach virus. so i stayed with him to help weather him through. he's having a much better day today and i'm ready for a nap!