Memory Monday

today's topic was college/sorority stories. I went to Elon University in Elon, North Carolina and received my bachelor's in pyschology. I was a sister in Sigma Sigma Sigma, pledging in my junior year. I lived in the "unofficial" sorority house my last two years in school. it was a great house located right next to the train tracks. i used to love it when the train would go by, shaking the house. In the winter we were always too poor to fill up the oil tank very much, so most of the time, the house was absolutely freezing. i lived under my electric blanket which i charged on my JCPenney credit card. there was only 1 bathroom, which really sucked with 5 girls; especially the time when we all had the flu/stomach virus. yuck! my kitty, Pebbles, lived with us for a little while; although, he was an illegal tenant. i constantly had to make sure no one was letting him outside. our neighbors on either side hated us. especially the lady. she was always so unpleasant and had this horrible frown on her face at all times. i don't think we were that loud and we never had parties there, but did host a lot of events involving lots of sorority sisters. guess that was it! when i was pledging our "big sisters" made us a signature book. you had to make an appointment and "visit" with every sister. after the visit you'd received her signature and a "chore". you were to try and get every signature before hell week, which like a good pledge, i did. the chores were really annoying though; especially since i was also working, so my time was very limited. Some of the chores were like "wash my car", or "wake so and so up every thursday morning" or "make so and so a poster", crap like that! one of the chores i received from a sister requested that i give each sister (and there were probably about 60 sisters or more!) a bouquet of flowers. now we are talking early spring, no flowers are blooming yet and i had no money to go and buy flowers- so i wasn't quite sure how to do this. this is before paper crafts or i could have made some paper flowers! so one day on my way to work, i passed a cementary and noticed all the fake flowers there - so i got an idea. i recruited another pledge and we hit the cementary later in the evening and grabbed a bunch of the fake flowers. alot had blown around, so we considered it "cleaning up". they were all dirty, dusty and faded. but they would do!
so i made all these little bouquets with them and passed them out at a meeting or something. i don't even think i cleaned them! i didn't admit to it, but someone had questioned "where did you get these, did these come from a cementary?" lol. hey, i got the chore done!
next weeks topic: high school activities that you participated in