day 3, artfest, Funky Wallpaper People

well, i just love Anahata. she is such a sweet and warm person. she's a wonderful teacher and gives so much to her students. i i've taken classes before where i felt the teacher was holding back a little bit on things (you know like sharing a receipe, but withholding the secret ingredient). i've never feel that she holds back when teaching. she really wants to see her students succeed and get the most out of her class. when she is done with a class, she always reserves time at the end to discuss each piece created. she gives great input and sweetly finds a nice thing to say about everyone's work. she is the geniune article and that's why i am excited to share that i will be going to Bali, Indonesia in March 2009 to take more classes with Anahata. it's 4 days of workshops and 3 days of extra curricular activities like
1.a day trip to a local textile weaving factory with excursion to Ubud, the culture arts center of Bali- with lunch included.
2. Group snorkeling, beach excursion
3. A private one 1 hour massage
4. An evening of Traditional Balinese Dance Performance
5. Bali temple excursion
6. Hiking through Balinese Rice Patties
i'd like to go a day earlier and stay one day later, but we'll have to see about that!