got my mini swap item

Okay, how cute is this? am i a lucky duck or what? my bud, Vivian, hosted another doll swap, this time with a "mini" criteria (no taller than 5 inches). Vivian makes lots of awesome dolls, stuffed bears, etc. so go take a peek. My partner this time was Barbara, of 123 Lavender Lollipop Lane (cute blog name, huh?). She made me this darling bunny with mohair and some Rachel Ashwell fabric that she'd been saving for a special project. the bunny has the sweetest handstitched mouth and the button eyes just make my heart melt. we were suppose to create an accessory for our mini, so she created this book assemblage in a vintage frame with the flowers, etc. so i could hang up my bunny. she made it so that if i wanted to remove my bunny i could. i just love it and want to thank Barbara for the sweetest thing ever. now for Barbara i made her a kitty doll. she is the cousin to a kitty doll that i sent to Vivian in another swap. She's an altered doll, so i used bits and pieces to create her. Now, i have to tell you that i feel really bad because i totally forgot to make her accessory. i remembered after mailing it off! i wanted to make the kitty holding a balloon that was to be in the shape of a mouse. i'll have to figure out how to make it up to Barbara. anyway, here's a picture of the doll i sent her. she's sort of a Victorian kitty.

news on boo: her biospy came back as a carcinoma - a "not good" tumor. the vet said it wasn't labeled aggressive or not, so he wasn't sure how fast it would return. so it is a wait and see type of situation. if it is aggressive, it could grow back within months. but he said he's seen cats not grow any back or it took longer. so wait we will. she is doing well. lots of resting and i've noticed that she's laying very close to me (before she only would lay at my feet and wasn't a very snuggly kitty). now she's purring and laying close to me. so i am giving her lots of attention. she has a check up tomorrow and stitches come out next week. i will spare you pictures of her 3" incision, because it is harsh.