look what i got the other day!

here's my doll at home in my studio. she fits right in with all my other handmade treasures.

don't you just love the handpainted face and colors?

my Texas AGF (art girlfriend) Debra was looking for some ideas to name these dolls she's been working on. so after looking at the pictures, i told her they reminded me of a jester (you'll have to look at some of the other dolls to get the idea... click on Debra's name and scroll down to Feb. 29th) - so she picked my idea and named her dolls Lexi jester dolls, after her neice, Lexi, who passed away several years ago. i was very honored that she went with my name! and in return, looked what she sent me - my very own doll. let me tell you this doll is quite cool. her face was hand painted and i love her dangly arms and legs .

and then if that wasn't enough, she also painted me this 3-D heart. i actually don't know what she used to create it, so Debra when you read this, let me know, because i keep forgetting to ask! anyway, it is also quite cool and i hung it up next to my vanity memory. i have a thing for hearts, so i just love it. thanks so much Debra. you can also see more of Debra's work on her new spinoff blog, http://www.thelittleyellowhouse.typepad.com/. she is selling her darling dolls in her etsy shoppe if you are interested.