mini funky wallpaper people

yesterday i worked on some small wallpaper people. i made 5 to try and sell at my show on sunday. we'll see. people are here will either think they are super cool, but not buy them or they will think they are odd (and not buy them!).
Boo is doing fine after surgery. they removed a "mass" and the biospy will be back in a few days. the vet said there were several old bit marks at the area as well, indicative of old fights. he said it is not unusual for cats to develop these tumors from infections. i'll go get her tomorrow at 1:30. apparently she has quite the incision; about 3" long. poor kitty.
UPDATE: boo is home and doing well. she was a little agitated when she first got home, but now she's resting (under my bed). the vet said it was a big "mass" and thought maybe it wasn't the good kind of tumor. if the biopsy comes back as a caricoma, he said it will eventually grow back. i'll know on sat.