Day two, Poulsbo, Port Townsend, Fort Worden

more art car photos. check out the frost on the was a bit chilly!

registering to receive room keys!

"The Art Car", really cool car with all kinds of toys glued all over it. quite a site!

campus photos, middle picture is the house i stayed at - 5E. Called "officer's housing". was across a big field behind the dorms - long walk to me! it had 4 rooms upstairs. i shared a room with Sara, Jennifer got her own room (but it was tiny), Julie and Candance (Artnest girls) shared a room and then 2 other women we just met there took the last room. you have to share a bed with your roommate! i knew about this, so Sara brought some camping gear and slept on the floor, but Julie and Candance didn't know they were sharing the bed! the other room had a cot in it. there was a shower/bath upstairs (if you could call it a shower......). downstairs we had a nice kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room. it was cool. the heat sounded like a tea kettle boiling when it was going. Julie and Candance made yummy brownies one night. the big white buildings are dorms.
signed we saw upon arriving at Fort Worden

me and Jennifer doing some shopping and looking around Port Townsend

statue in the center of town. me doing a shadow pic with balloons that were tied up outside a really cute vintage store (forgot name, sorry!). meeting up with all the "festal virgins" (first timers at Artfest). Charmster, Janet Wilson organzied it, made us necklaces and brought champagne. it was really fun!

a china doll i bought in Poulsbo - beautiful, isn't she?

on our way to Poulsbo. a cute building in Poulsbo and their marina. really pretty town. oh and i saw Elvis driving by in a pick up truck - no kidding! i screamed out "Elvis" really loud because i wanted him to come back so i could take his picture. guess he was camera shy.

here we are waiting for the ferry. see why i usually don't take off my sunglasses? look how excited Andrew is!