on the road again

i'm feeling much better today i am happy to report. yesterday i could hardly speak as my voice just left. also i found it hard to speak, like someone was standing on my chest. the night before i had a terrible night of coughing, coughing, coughing. now i know how poor tucker felt when he had it. so i put a call into my sweet neighbor who is a doctor and told him i was leaving for Va. today and that i was sick and could he give me a script for a cough medicine to knock me out! i could just see me coughing all night in the hotel room. my roommates would shoot me! he also decided to put me on an antibotic, especially since my ears hurt so much and i am prone to ear infections. i was wondering though how would the driving part to Pennsylvania go (my first stop to pick up Jean. we are spending the night at her house and then doing the 5 hours to Va tomorrow) since i was still feeling a little coedine out! but it was fine.

i left NJ around noon after a visit to my dermatologist for my annual skin cancer screening appt. i 've had several episodes of skin cancer (not melanoma's but the very common basal cell kind), so i kind of know what to watch out for. if they are precancerous sites, then they can just freeze them off. i had a spot on my lip, nose and scalp froze today. the big spot on my arm that i had removed last fall was a spot that i had him look at. it was biopsied and when the results came back, i was told it had to be surgically removed, which i had done. So, it's important to be screened!

anyway, after i just gotten on the road, i realized i had forgotten some pictures at home for my class with Traci Bunkers, so i turned around and got them. then i made my way over to Jean's, which is about 3 hours from my house. we decided to meet up at our favorite antique store and see what bargains we could find. i got some great things.

cute little yo-yo doll

vintage glassware with caddy

little doll

vintage suitcase

cool Asian shirt from Goodwill. has wonderful bird motif on it.

tin types

tiny vintage harmonica - really cool!

another little doll

sterling silver sweater grabber. clip one on each side of sweater to keep sweater from opening