tuck is doing better

tuck slept so good last night - a much needed rest for him. his cough is much better; although the steroids tend to stress him out a bit. school could be an option tomorrow, but we'll see. on another note in the journal of "could i catch a break", i found a huge lump on the hind quarters of my kitty, boo, this morning. she tends to sleep under beds and hides, so i don't see her often and with tucker sick, i just didn't notice. but it definitely wasn't there before i left. she jumped up on my bed this morning and i noticed her eyes were very dirty, like they had been draining and then dried. so then i started petting her and that's when i found the lump. it's a good size. it doesn't seem to hurt when i palpate it, which makes me think it's not an abcess. so off to the vet we go in about 10 minutes to check it out.
update: Boo does indeed have a tumor. she will have surgery wed. morning to remove it. it will be sent for a biospy so we know what we are dealing with. the vet said it was better that it was movable versus a tumor that does not move and is attached to the bone. he was surprised that she is only 9 , which is still pretty young in cat years. i think maybe her lineage might have something to do with it. her dad was a wild cat with no domestication, vaccinations, etc. her mom was a house cat, but i don't think she was taken well care of. she was pregnant every time i turned around - so i wonder as well about her health care.

here's Boo peeking out of the cat carrier at the vet's office. she was a real good kitty.