getting away - part one

this was our first flea market stop at Renninger's. apparently people like to get there at 5am as we were told to bring flashlights. we opted to get up at 6am and get there after our coffee stop. it was a true antique market, not a flea market with lots of junk for cheap. we made a few purchases there, but not many. this little doggie, Wolfgang, was strapped around his owner in a sheet. Wolfgang is 14 years old and loves the attention he receives when he is out. later at another antique store, we had the pleasure of bumping into Wolfgang again. you should see the ride he gets to cruise around in!

This was the best place we stopped, Schupp's flea market. i think it was an old campground at one time. very cute and quaint.

well after much coordinating and arranging for extra help for Tucker, we managed to get away for an overnight away from home. jeff and i haven't been away together in over a year and a half. it's just too hard too coordinate with help and if dillon has things going on, etc. so this time, i put it on the calendar, arranged the help (telling them no one could have the day off) and telling dillon that he had to be here with no plans to tend to the animals. we drove 2 hours away to Adamstown, Pennsylvania, "antique captiol of the world" - so they boast! there were so many antique stores, they weren't kidding! some of them i found very pricey and others were reasonable and willing to work with you a little bit. we also went to a couple of flea markets. but they were true antiques and very expensive. accidently we found this other flea market that was more our style and the prices were great. we ended up buying a couple of birdhouses made by a Mennonite couple that the seller was proud to tell us that the houses had a roof made from "german siding". we weren't sure what exactly that meant, but the roofs are tin and this gorgeous green color. good enough! we also got this really cool mini saw horse/bench thingy that i will most likely be using in my shows for display. there was another vendor who had these awesome display things, but rudely told me "they aren't for sale" (like he had to tell people that all day - okay, so put NFS on them and be done with it!) this morning we got up really early and hit Renninger's flea market. it was cool, but very pricey and lots of dishes and glassware - not my favorite thing to look at. at Renninger's i bought 2 boxes of vintage valentine's day cards that i thought i would use next year. i also got 2 bigger frozen charlotte heads and an awesome old "doll purse". i got a box of vintage fabric squares (think "inchie-ish") that someone started for some project, but never finished. i thought they'd be great charms for some project. we also got an awesome box full of very old children's blocks. i like to use them with my cworky dolls. the next flea market we hit was "Stoudt's". It was not very exciting at all. hardly any vendors and was very expensive. i did find a few little bisque dolls (with movable arms) and i did manage to get a pretty fair price on them. i will use them in jewelry pieces. next we hit another flea market called, Shupp's. i really liked this one. the location looked like an old campground. it had tents everywhere where the vendors set up. it was deeply wooded and quite charming to walk around in. although here and there it had these random wooden carvings that i couldn't quite figure out (like 3 dogs, a dragon, a friar, John Lennon in a "sgt. pepper's costume" (Huh?). here i got some cool old drawers, 25 tins type photos for next to nothing and some great keys. also (and this is so unlike me) - my friend, Kim, will be pleased, i bought some deer antlers. i thought i would hang my vintage hats on them, but then jeff had the suggestion of using them in my show booth to hang jewerly. like that i dea! finally we hit a few more antique stores where i found 4 awesome green crackley shutters and a beautiful old green wooden highchair. enjoy the pics!

this is what our car looked like when we were on our way home!